About Us

I started deer hunting at a young age with my Dad and Grandpa in West Virginia. My entire life we leased/gained permission to hunt on land owned and managed by others. Once I moved to Kentucky, I was finally able to purchase my own farm, and have spent years improving the habitat to grow big bucks.

When we first started working on building our herd, we used the popular "mineral" products on the market and were getting a lot of trail cam pictures, which was great! But once I took a closer look at the ingredients, I noticed these big name products were comprised of mostly salt. I wanted my mineral to serve a bigger purpose than just an attractant. I wanted to develop a product that still delivered many trail cam photos but also proved beneficial to my deer herd. 

That's how Hit List Deer Mineral got its start! We produce affordable deer mineral that's packed with essential vitamins and protein needed to GROW your ultimate hit list, while focusing on nutrition that's important for your deer.