Extreme Forage Brassica
Extreme Forage Brassica
Extreme Forage Brassica
Extreme Forage Brassica
Extreme Forage Brassica

Extreme Forage Brassica

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This brassica blend focuses on producing leafy forage instead of the traditional bulbs that many brassica blends are known for. The blend contains Forage Rape, Vivant Forage Turnips, and Purple Top Turnips.  The Forage Rape and Vivant Forage Turnips are known for producing tons of green leaft forage per acre while the Purple Top Turnips will produce the traditional leafy forage and large turnip bulbs. 

This mix establishes quickly and produces high protein forage.  Deer will begin browsing this mix quickly and it will become extremely favorable after the first frost.  This mix can be grown with minimal seedbed preparation.  

Ingredients: Forage Rape, Vivant Forage Turnips, Purple Top Turnips, 

  • High Protein
  • High Energy
  • Provides critical late season nutrition

Seeding Rate6 pounds per acre

Planting Depth: 1/4"

Planting Dates:

       North: August 1 - September 15

       Central: August 1 - October 1

       South: September 1 - October 31

Seedbed Preparation:

  • Conduct a soil test prior to planting.  Ideal pH is over 6.0.  Adjust soil by adding recommended lime.
  • If weeds/grass competition is heavy, consider using glyphosate herbicide prior to planting. 

Planting Instructions:

  • Disk or till seedbed to loosen soil.
  • Smooth seedbed with a drag or cultipacker.
  • Spread seed at rate recommended on front of bag. 
  • Do not cover seed after broadcasting.  Seed should not be more than 1/4" deep.